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Full Service Podcast Production For Small & Mid-Size Businesses


From content strategy to full-service production…

We can make producing your podcast a whole lot easier, more profitable, and less time-consuming to create.

distribution & promotion

It doesn’t matter how good your show is if no one is listening. We manage your audio hosting, RSS feed, and distribution to the world’s largest podcast distributors.

We also work with you to create a sustainable and effective promotion plan so that every episode of your show gets heard by the right people.

guest management

We make your guests feel like rockstars while you sit back and relax. We’ll handle scheduling, reminders, logistics, and thank you notes.

We can also help you vet pitches, do research, and conduct pre-interviews.


We help you tie your podcast to your business goals. We’ll identify key metrics, track results, and recommend improvements.

We help you design a system for marketing & selling your product or service using your podcast.

audio production & editing

We help you turn what’s “okay” into something great. We’ll work together on the sound design of your show—from theme music to mic set up to guest audio to recording logistics—so your show stands out.

Then, we’ll edit your audio to make you sound as polished and professional as we know you are.

content production & strategy

Your podcast should drive your business forward. We help you create a plan that ties your offers, your calls to action, your lead generation, and your show together.

Together, we’ll plan episodes that attract new listeners, build relationships, overcome objections, and close the sale. Get a personalized content calendar, systematized calls to action, and a custom episode template to maximize the effectiveness of your show.

Project Management

We develop processes, templates, and systems that make project management a breeze.



Work With Us

Plan Your Podcast Content Strategy Session

Finally integrate your podcast content and your business goals. Together, we’ll design a 6-month editorial calendar for your podcast to help you reach a new audiences, naturally introduce your product or service, build desire, and make sales. You’ll know what kind of content to create, when to release it, and how to use systematized calls to action to achieve your goals.

This is a half-day intensive.

The investment for this session is $1000 but we’re offering an introductory price of $750 for the next 5 people who contact us to book their session. Use the form below to book!


“Took me from good to great!”

I was floating after my podcast strategy session with Sean. Days later, I'm still energized!! My podcast content has become another layer of the themes I explore in my dinner series and with my email list/blog readers. So, I thought knowing what I was going to talk about six months in advance was good. Brainstorming with Sean took me from good to great! He is an amazing listener and thought partner. Not only do I now have a big picture sense of what I'm going to talk about for the next six months, I also know what that looks like week-by-week. Working with Sean has solidified my editorial strategy, ensuring there is synergy between all my communication channels. And, the plan we co-created ensures I continuously view my podcast as a "product" of my business—not simply a distribution channel. Major mindset shift! I cannot thank Sean (and Tara) enough for launching this agency.

Premiere Podcast Strategy Package

You know a podcast can help you reach your goals… but you’re not exactly sure about the premise of your show, the format of your episodes, or the content you’ll explore week by week.

This is our package for aspiring podcasters who want a solid plan for making the most of their new show.

We start with a 90-minute strategy session to help you nail the premise & format of your show. You’ll know what it’s about, what makes it different, and how you’ll deliver your content in the most effective way.

Then, we meet back up for a half-day podcast content strategy planning session. Full description above.

Finally, you’ll have one more session to use within 60 days of your podcast launch to adjust your plan, overcome obstacles, and ask any questions that have come up along the way!

The investment for this session is $1800 but we’re offering an introductory price of $1200 for the first 5 people who contact us to book their package. Use the form below to book!


“I wanted to build this podcast with a solid foundation…”

I am re-launching my podcast and needed help focusing my content. I have been podcasting for years without any real focus, just talking about whatever I wanted to per episode. I wanted to build this podcast with a solid foundation which I believe begins with strategic content. I was blown away by the level of content I received. Having someone there to give my prompts and questions helped me focus. I would have NEVER come up with this much content let alone in only 3 hours of working together. And then the CTA's wow!! Because it is my podcast, I am super close to the content so having that perspective is priceless.


Full-Service Podcast Production

We’re more than audio editing. We become your full-service producers so you can become the talent.

We help you plan content, set goals, manage guests, find new listeners, distribute your episodes, and fully integrate your show into your business. Oh, and yes, we’ll edit your audio and create a high-quality show you can be proud of.

Please use the contact form below and tell us more about your show (or show idea). We’ll set up a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit, determine the scope, and quote your production fee.

Full-service podcast production starts at $850/month for 2 episodes or $1500/month for 4 episodes with a 3-month commitment.

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